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115.7KB | Monday, 09 March 2015 | Details
Start date End date Position
2014 Web Developer: The Rubicon Group
PHP/MySQL development
2014 2014 Network Administrator: Lewis University
Maintained scripts, switches, DNS servers, exchange and other misc network infrastructure
2014 Adjunct Professor: Lewis University
Taught: Operating Systems 70-350, Object Oriented 70-245
2010 IT Solutions Associate: Argonne National Labs
Solutions Programmer
2010 2010 Cyber Tool Developer: Argonne National Laboratory
Automate DNS in IHW using Python and Django.
2008 2010 Junior System Administrator: Argonne National Laboratory
Troubleshoot PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Also maintained the servers and sites.
2006 2007 Student Desktop Technician: Lewis University
Repaired and maintained desktop systems for use by the university.
2006 Founder and Programmer: Datanethost
Maintained servers and provided support for hosting. Also created a hosting control panel from scratch in PHP/MySQL.



Blackboard exploit

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A crash course into reverse engineering applications

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Security and firewalls presentation

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First presentation on the alternative to SSL

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This is the second presentation I gave on the topic of an alternative to SSL.

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Start date End date Qualification
2006 2010 B.S. (Computer Science) at Lewis University

College courses taken include:
CS 200: Programming and Algorithm Design
CS 210: Data Structures
CS 230: Visual Basic
CS 245: Java Programming
CS 296: Intro to Game design
CS 247: Intro to Internet Programming
CS 300: Assembly Language Programming
CS 320: Introduction to LAN
CS 330: Database Theory and Design
CS 350: Operating Systems
CS 440: Software Engineering
CS 460: Programming Languages
CS 485: Advanced Communications and Networking
CS 470: Artificial Intelligence
CS 499: Independent study – Create a game engine using Irrlicht

Date Title
2010 Alternative to SSL using RSA in Javascript
This is a talk I gave at ACCA.
2010 Placed Third in ACCA Programming Compeition
2009 Placed Second in ACCA Programming Compeition
2005 Expert Rating Certified: PHP4
2013 Philanthropy
Donated a steam item to a fellow gamer. Was awarded with this ( ) certificate.
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  • Servers
  • Solutions
  • Web development