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To tackle every problem that is set in front of me as well as to be as knowledgeable as possible in the field of computer science.

Start date End date Position
2014 Adjunct Professor: Lewis University
Taught Operating Systems 70-350
2010 IT Solutions Associate: Argonne National Labs
Solutions Programmer
2010 2010 Cyber Tool Developer: Argonne National Laboratory
Automate DNS in IHW using Python and Django.
2008 2010 Junior System Administrator: Argonne National Laboratory
Troubleshoot PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Also maintained the servers and sites.
2006 2007 Student Desktop Technician: Lewis University
Repaired and maintained desktop systems for use by the university.
2006 Founder and Programmer: Datanethost
Maintained servers and provided support for hosting. Also created a hosting control panel from scratch in PHP/MySQL.
C/C++ Windows Server 2003/2008  

Distributed Computing 

Visual Basic 6 Domain Administration
 Linux Dev C++ 
Codeblocks  Microsoft visual Studio 
Bash Scripting MySQL
Apache Local Area Networks
Server Installation Server Upgrades
Symantec Ghost AJAX
PHP Visual Basic .Net
Windows XP Mac
Windows Vista Backupp
C# Assembly
HTML Snort
Postfix Blockhosts
Denyhosts JavaScript
Windows 7 CentOS
Windows Mobile VBScript


jQuery DNS
Powershell SCCM



Blackboard exploit

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A crash course into reverse engineering applications

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Security and firewalls presentation

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First presentation on the alternative to SSL

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This is the second presentation I gave on the topic of an alternative to SSL.

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Start date End date Qualification
2002 2006 HS (HS) at Lockport Township High School
2006 2010 B.S. (Computer Science) at Lewis University

College courses taken include:
CS 200: Programming and Algorithm Design
CS 210: Data Structures
CS 230: Visual Basic
CS 245: Java Programming
CS 296: Intro to Game design
CS 247: Intro to Internet Programming
CS 300: Assembly Language Programming
CS 320: Introduction to LAN
CS 330: Database Theory and Design
CS 350: Operating Systems
CS 440: Software Engineering
CS 460: Programming Languages
CS 485: Advanced Communications and Networking
CS 470: Artificial Intelligence
CS 499: Independent study – Create a game engine using Irrlicht

Date Title
2010 Alternative to SSL using RSA in Javascript
This is a talk I gave at ACCA.
2010 Placed Third in ACCA Programming Compeition
2009 Placed Second in ACCA Programming Compeition
2005 Expert Rating Certified: PHP4
2013 Philanthropy
Donated a steam item to a fellow gamer. Was awarded with this ( ) certificate.
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  • Servers
  • Solutions
  • Web development